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If you practice medicine and need a program that helps you manage your patients' medical records, this is for you.

Historias Clinicas is an incredibly easy-to-use program with a simple and intuitive interface from which you can access and modify the medical history of your patients. This way, you can keep track of everything and stay in control.

Say goodbye to the huge drawers with endless medical records; now you can record them all directly on your PC thanks to Historias Clinicas. Simply install it and take a look, and you'll realize how easy and convenient it is to have all your patients' information in front of you with just one click.

Thanks to Historias Clinicas, you can consult, add, and print the data for all your patients or one in particular. You can also quickly check the status of each one so you can work at your best all the time, all with a system that's easy to use even if you don't have much experience with computers.

The trial version is limited to 100 uses.

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